Welcome to the professional website of Dr. Manuel Miranda, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Hofstra University.

My research interests lie in the general area of probabilistic methods applied to structural engineering and structural mechanics.

My goal is an improved understanding of structural response under conditions of uncertainty, broadly defined, which is fundamental to the risk-informed assessment and management of civil and mechanical infrastructure subjected to natural and man-made hazards.

My tools are analytical and computational, with a strong emphasis on the mathematics of probability and random processes.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Simulation techniques for random processes and random fields
  • Modeling and simulation of seismic ground motion and seismic structural response
  • Characterization of uncertainties in material properties
  • Stochastic finite element methods

Google Scholar

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Contact Information

  • Email: manuel.j.miranda@hofstra.edu
  • Phone: (516) 463-5103
  • Mailing address: Department of Engineering, 200D Weed Hall, Hofstra University,  Hempstead, NY 11549